Nepal vs Houston Hurricanes as a part of T20 World Cup Preparation | LIVE

Following their exciting trip to the World Cup from Nepal, they travel to St. Vincent, where they will play three T20 matches.

Nepal’s cricket team is making their way to the World Cup in an exciting turn of events, which includes a thrilling series of games against the Windwards Volcanoes in St. Vincent.

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This series, which consists of three intense T20 matches, focuses not only on the games but also on the intensive preparation and strategy building for the forthcoming World Cup.

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Nepal is preparing to face the Windwards Volcanoes on the scenic grounds of St. Vincent. There is a sense of anticipation.

The series is expected to begin on Tuesday, May 14th, at 10:30 am AST (8:15 pm Nepali time), offering fans and players a spectacle of cricketing skill. The well-known Park Hill Playing Field, which is famous for its lively ambience, is the site of all tournaments.

Before the World Cup, this series is more than just a skill test; it is a platform for players to improve their strategies, assess their strengths, and find areas of improvement. Nepal aims to demonstrate their determination and talent in this crucial phase where they hope to make a mark on the world cricket scene.

Cricket fans from all over the world are eagerly awaiting the exciting matches that will take place in St. Vincent as the teams prepare for this exciting match. Nepal is prepared to leave a mark and make their nation proud on the international cricketing scene, so stay tuned as they begin this exciting phase of their journey to the World Cup.

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